Life of Illusion

There’s a wise old philosopher who once



“Sometimes I can’t help the feeling that I’m Living a life of illusion And oh, why can’t we let it be And see thru the hole in this wall of confusion I just can’t help the feeling that I’m Living a life of illusion.”

I had that feeling yesterday when reading Richard Justice over at the Chron. Justice’s topic of the day was one Houston icon, Craig Biggio. And Biggio says he’s not in a slump. That he’s not old: “’Am I done?’ [Biggio] asks, laughing. ‘No, I'm not done. I just need to get comfortable.’”

The Astros are nearly two months into the season. How long is it going to take for him to get comfortable? Not long much longer, he says. "It's just a matter of getting comfortable. I know once you get comfortable you can fix it and be back where you should be."

I read Biggio’s comments, and I can’t help but feeling that he’s living a life of illusion.

But there’s some actual meat to Justice’s column. You just kind of have to read between the lines. Justice writes about how Biggio isn’t happy batting sixth. And Justice writes about how many of Biggio’s teammates don’t know the real Biggio. That they see only a shadow of his greatness, and that it’s important for them to remember that he’s in the final stages of his career. A Hall-of-Fame career. And Justice concludes that he’s not writing a column seeking sympathy for Biggio, but that he’s writing to remind us all of why Biggio’s different.

So, let me translate. Biggio is still calling the shots in the clubhouse – notice how, that the day this column comes out, Biggio’s back batting lead off –and the young kids are sick of an old man who can’t pull his weight dragging them down. And Justice is asking for sympathy for the old man who can’t do it anymore. He just doesn’t want your last memories of Craig Biggio being like those memories of Willlie Mays stumbling down the base line in the 1973 World Series. The old man trying to recreate his youth. Trying, but failing miserably. Just living a life of illusion. – John Royal

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