Life On The Rodeo Road: Don't Trust Canadian Doctors With Your Credit Card

Photo by Paul Knight
Name: Zach Dishman
Age: 26
Hometown: Beaumont
Event: Bareback Riding

I got into rodeo because my dad rodeoed, and his dad college-rodeoed at Texas A&M. I started getting on calves when I was real young, and at ten years old I was going to youth rodeos. By the time I got in high school, I was real serious about it.

If I didn't rodeo, I would farm and ranch, because my dad and them did that, so hopefully I'd be a part of it. It's not always the most cash-flowing business, and I hope it's always a part of my family, but honestly, I just want to be led by the Holy Spirit. I do believe we need to see people get saved and win souls for Jesus. But hopefully I got a few more bucking horses in me.

I'm on the road not as much this time of year, because a lot of the big rodeos are close to home, but I plan on rodeoing hard this year. My wife is a flight attendant, so hopefully that'll make it easier for us to travel. Being married is a different experience, because when you've been a young person in the rodeo world doing what you want to do... It's definitely been a change in my life.

I'm famous for being in Canada and getting knocked out. Last year I had surgery on my hand, right after Houston, to have some hardware taken out that was bothering me. First rodeo back was Corpus Christi, and I got a severe concussion. Then I went to Cloverdale, British Columbia and I did real good, but in the final round I got knocked out again and woke up in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. Amazingly, it made all the papers. My hometown newspaper even come out to interview me. At Corpus, nobody cared, nobody even asked me about it, but in Canada, somehow it made headline news. I wouldn't see the doctors in Canada, because I wasn't about to give them my plastic, and the ambulance guys had stripped me clean - the only thing I had on was my pants. It was a cold, rainy day, so they gave me a blanket and I had to walk all the way back to the rodeo. So we got pictures of me walking up there, just been knocked out, wearing nothing but a towel.

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