Life On The Rodeo Road: From The Dirt To The Skies

Name: Bud Munns
Age: 24
Hometown: Hansel Valley, Utah
Event: Bareback

I got into rodeo because I grew up on a ranch, and that's kind of the way it was. My dad did it and so did my brother. We lived too damn far from town to do anything else, so we'd just ride.

If I didn't rodeo, I'd be flying planes. I'm about to graduate with a degree in aviation science. Rodeo ain't life-long, my body is breaking down too damn fast. I start flight instruction in a couple months, then I'll be flying big planes.

I'm on the road not too much because I'm a full-time student. I got 21 upper-division credit classes right now, and I'm trying to juggle both of them. You just bust ass when you're home, and then enjoy the time when you're here. We went to Denver and San Antone and Tucson, and we bumped around this winter, but you can do two things. A lot of guys like to fly because it's faster, but that shit's expensive.

Traveling alone is the worst part. I drove down here by myself the other day, and it was 24 hours. I had a nice little chat with myself. Both my traveling partners flew down, and I'll travel back with them. We've been together as long as we've been doing it, and during the summer we're gone all the time, so you live with these guys and get to know them pretty damn good. We play a lot of pranks and shit, constantly screwing with everyone when we're driving. The other day we went fishing down in Galveston on a big ol' boat. I've never been out so far where you couldn't see land, and they caught a shark out there.

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