Life On The Rodeo Road: "It's Either Go Party Or Do Nothing"

Photo by Paul Knight
Name: Colby Lovell
Age: 21
Hometown: Madisonville
Event: Team Roping

I got into rodeo because my family's done it forever. I started roping when I was four or five, and I won my first buckle when I was like seven.

If I didn't rodeo, I would probably be ranching. I still live on a ranch, and we work cows all the time, all summer long. I plan on running my grandpa's ranch one day. I got a cousin, and me and him are going to go in partners on it. He rodeos, he ropes, and when they used to have the college rodeo here in Houston, he won it in calf roping.

I'm on the road whenever and wherever. In two or three weeks, we'll leave and go to California and be out there two or three weeks. We'll go home, go to some rodeos down here, then we'll leave back out. Last year it got real hard when gas prices got so high.

If rodeo cowboys don't like to party it can get boring, because you start missing your friends and you got other hobbies, and really, there's nothing to do out here except rodeo. I miss the ranch all the time. You rope and then you go back to the truck and trailer, and it's either go party or do nothing. You eat a lot, lay around a lot. I like to play basketball. Everybody out here is pretty much an athlete, and you'll see a backboard and a rim on the back of the trailer, and we'll play right off the back of the trailer. 

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