Light Blogging Today (And Everyday)

So I get a newsflash that there's a fatal shooting on a Metro bus on Westheimer. Initial reports, at least, state that the bus was just west of the Galleria.

Which attracted my notice, because I've got a kid who takes a the 82 Metro bus everyday down Westheimer from school to my office downtown. Curious as to whether he was lucky enough to be riding the Wild West bus route, I figure the best place to check is Metro's blog. If ever there's a use for a blog, it's to offer quick updates on breaking info, right?


The most recent item when I check in: "METRO Rodeo Winners Use Skill, Wit to Capture Titles," posted almost 20 hours previously. Before that, there's an item from Tuesday, then one from five days ago.

As we've noted, Metro blogger Mary Sit gets $76,622 (in tax dollars) a year. At least it looks like she'll never have to spend any of that cash treating carpal tunnel. — Richard Connelly

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