Light Rail Vs. Bus: The Video

What's it look like when a Metro light-rail train broadsides a Metro bus? Now we know!!

The agency has released security video of the incident; here's CNN's version of things.

We think two very, very different thoughts were going through the minds of the engineer and the bus driver.

The engineer was thinking "Oh, sheeee-itttttt." The bus driver was thinking "Check out the ass on that woman!!"

All right, maybe he wasn't thinking exactly that, but he sure wasn't thinking about physics, time and space, and whether he had a good shot at getting across the tracks.

Metro also released the following info on the bus driver:

The operator, Reginald Rideout, remains suspended without pay pending the completion of METRO's investigation. A METRO operator for 10 years, Rideout, 50, has been involved in three accidents during his employment, two of which were minor, but deemed preventable.

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Richard Connelly
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