Lil Wayne Apologizes to LeBron for All-Star Weekend Outburst, Still Hates Chris Bosh

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The NBA trade deadline came and went at 2 p.m. Thursday afternoon, and somehow, some way, with everyone fully expecting the Rockets to be one of the passive spectators at deadline time for a change, Rockets general manager Daryl Morey managed to steal the spotlight.

Given Morey's seeming addiction to tweaking the roster, I guess we should have seen this coming, and certainly if any of us knew that a high upside, small sample space prospect like Thomas Robinson was available, perhaps we would have. We do know that Daryl Morey does so love to pilfer the Sacramento Kings.

The trade for Robinson has been covered extensively on the site by Jeff Balke and around the interwebs by various hoops experts. No need for me to add on here.

But the trade deadline was such a popcorn fart (J.J. Redick to Milwaukee was Thursday's biggest deal?) that I can't even wring a remotely interesting post out of the rest of it. So instead let's talk about something interesting -- the aftermath of Lil Wayne's All-Star weekend proclamation that he boinked Chris Bosh's wife!

If you recall, over the weekend right here in Houston, Lil Wayne was essentially banned from any and all All-Star festivities. Allegedly, the rapper's All-Star weekend freeze-out stemmed from beef he had with the Miami Heat at a Lakers game right before the All-Star break, where "Weezy" claims to have been kicked out of the game for rooting for the Lakers and getting up in Heat guard Dwyane Wade's business from courtside.

The NBA, for what it's worth, has denied that the Heat or the league is behind any sort of movement to keep Lil Wayne out of NBA events, and that he left that Heat-Lakers game on his own. Whatever the case, the bottom line is Lil Wayne is mad at the Heat, and after the supposed weekend ban here in Houston, he wound up behind a hot microphone at a concert on Saturday and dropped this little gem (Warning: LOTS of NSFW language):

So there you go, lots of f-bomb laden vitriol and of course, the money shot in the whole thing (literally and figuratively...ewww) was Weezy letting all of us know this important nugget of information: "...and I fucked Chrish Bosh's wife!"

Well, that's a nice little story now, isn't it? A little backstory on the Adrienne Bosh-Lil Wayne romance: according to the website GlobalGrind.com, the two of them had a little fling before Adrienne met her giraffe-necked husband, Chris. The relationship ended when Adrienne told Lil Wayne she needed money for cancer treatments, so he cut her a check for $10,000. The only problem was that she didn't have cancer, and never gave the money back.

So with all due respect, Weezy, who fucked whom in that relationship?

Moving along, obviously it wasn't just Bosh that Lil Wayne had issues with last weekend. His tirade was the verbal equivalent of Michael Corleone squaring all the family business at the end of The Godfather, with the word "fuck" playing the role of the bullets, and the Miami Heat playing the role of the bloodied, avenged mobsters. They say that before you send an angry letter or an e-mail to someone that you should put it in the drawer and sleep so as not to let your anger get the best of you. Clearly, this is not a school of thought that Lil Wayne adheres to. But he is human and after his rant on stage on Saturday, he did feel some remorse about it.

Well, about parts of it at least. Well, really just one part of it. The part where he said "Fuck LeBron."

Here is some audio from an impromptu call in that Lil Wayne made to 99 JAMZ in Miami to try to clear things up:

My three favorite parts of that audio:

1. "I didn't mean to say EFF LeBron, because me and LeBron we are cool, and I'm REALLY cool with his mom, we have a real cool relationship..." Somewhere, Delonte West listens in on that sound bite during his break from his job at Home Depot, nods, chuckles, and takes a bong hit.

2. When asked about the truth behind his comments about Adrienne Bosh, Weezy's reply: "That ain't important." Chris Bosh probably begs to differ.

3. Lil Wayne prefaces the entire 99 JAMZ interview with the caveat that he's not apologizing for anything he did on Saturday because "that's who [he is]." Of course, he then proceeds to apologize to LeBron and the entire city of Miami. For a defiant, unapologetic rapper, he sure did a lot of apologizing.

So if you're keeping score at home, even after apologizing, Lil Wayne still says "Fuck She-Wade," still says he fucked Chris Bosh's wife, and also says "Fuck the Miami Heat," but wants to make it clear that the rest of the city of Miami he is cool with. Presumably, then, he is cool with all of Miami minus the Heat organization except for LeBron James and, by proxy, LeBron's mom Gloria (and possibly Delonte West).

Conveyed as a mathematical equation:

MIA - HEAT + LBJ + (GJ + DW) = ELWICW (Everyone Lil Wayne Is Cool With)

So yes, breaking down the branches of Lil Wayne's hatred for the Miami Heat was far more interesting than the NBA trade deadline. It was that kind of NBA trade deadline.

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