Linda Lay, Briefly Back In The Big Apple Spotlight

Linda Lay, wife of Ken, is back in the news!

The New York Daily News, that is. And what company she's keeping: Victoria Gotti, Rith Madoff, Karen Kozlowski, etc. -- all members of what the News calls "The Cursed Wives Club."

Cursed? Living for years and years on "I-know-nothing" millions while being treated as a secular saint who does endless charity work? Just because the gravy train ended, you're cursed?

We can think of worse curses.

Anyway, the News gave Lay the lowest-ranking in the club. (Will the insults never stop?) Not only were Gotti, Kozlowski (spouse of Tyco's CEO) rated above her, so was the wife of former media giant (and con artist) Conrad Black. No photo, either!!

The News's take on Lay:

Linda Lay, nee Phillips, went from secretary to socialite when she became the second wife of Enron CEO and chairman Kenneth Lay. One of America's highest-paid CEOs, Lay could make over $40 million in a single year. The couple jetted on private planes and stayed overnight at the White House. He once threw her a birthday bash worth $200,000.

During her husband's trial on 11 counts of fraud, Linda was a courtroom fixture, sitting front and center in chic, coordinated outfits, always ready with a supportive smile. After he was found guilty, Lay praised his "warm, loving and Christian wife" in front of the cameras.

It was a role Linda played to the hilt, trying to elicit sympathy throughout the scandal. When a few of the couple's many properties were seized, Linda sobbed on Today,

"Other than the home we live in, everything we own is for sale."

Her poor-mouthing earned a lashing from pundits who pointed out that, during the interview, she was wearing a wristwatch worth thousands.

Kenneth Lay died of cardiac arrest in 2006 before he could face sentencing or prison. Since then, Mrs. Lay, 64, has struggled to hold onto some $13 million of investments and properties.

In 2008 she was sued by neighbors at her luxe Houston high-rise for allegedly failing to pay maintenance on her condo. Still, she has not wavered from her statement that she and her husband, like Enron's defrauded investors, were ­merely victims.

Yeah, never waver from that statement, Linda. You just wouldn't be you without it.

How Jus' Stuff didn't get a mention, though, we'll never know.

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