Lippe Service

Do you have a vagina? If not, feel free to skip down to the next item.

If so, then at some point, you’ve probably had an itchy vagina too. Well, there’s good news on that front: Lippe (yes!) Taylor Communications wants you to know that Vagisil has come out with a screening kit for vaginal infections. Now, you can be doubly sure that you have a yeast infection before treating it. Release the confetti!

Actually, that’s not why we’re writing this. We’re writing this because we’re impressed at how well Lippe understands the human female. Along with our very own Vagisil Screening Kit, Lippe has sent us M&Ms, microwave popcorn and a DVD of Hello Down There (slogan: Take a Dive with the Miller Family!).

For the record, we ate a few of the M&Ms and are putting the rest of the loot in the office swag pile. (Blog editor Keith Plocek has already claimed the movie.) – Cathy Matusow

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