Lisa Nowak's Unhinged Post-Arrest Mutterings Can't Be Used In Trial

The statements are out, the diapers are in.

A Florida appeals court ruled this morning on some motions by astronaut Lisa "Crazy In Love" Nowak; they found that statements Nowak made to police during her arrest at an Orlando airport would not be admissible in trial. A trail-court judge had found that Nowak had not been read her Miranda rights.

But the terse appellate-court ruling did say that evidence found in Nowak's car could be used against her in her criminal case.

Nowak's attorney had said police had tricked her into telling where that car was; prosecutors said any competent cop would have been able to track it down easily in any case.

So the bondage photos, the black wig, the hammer and tape, all can be used. The entertaining statement by Nowak that she was carrying pepper spray because "she just wanted to talk to" her love rival, not so usable.

Nowak's attorney has also said, of course, that despite what police claimed she never wore diapers; the car just contained old infant-sized diapers.

So maybe we should refer to Nowak as the crazy astronaut who didn't wear diapers.

Nah. Too wordy.

-- Richard Connelly

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