Little Something For The Ladies

Skimming through


’s 2008 Hottest Bachelors List, there’s an undeniable air off douchiness.

A good deal of the dudes’ photos show them posing without shirts but with pseudo-Abercrombie smiles, like they just came in from the beach, or maybe a frathouse date-rape-athon. There are plenty of “students,” and some dudes in “client services” and other nebulously titled occupations.

But then there’s Houston’s own Ryan Ahern, who sticks out like a decidedly douche-free thumb. For one thing, he’s a bit older than the rest – 33 – and he’s a freakin’ dermatological surgeon who specializes in skin-cancer treatment. He’s also wearing a shirt in his photo. (He says that, as a dermatologist, he wouldn’t have felt right getting a photo-friendly tan).

Ahern tells Hair Balls this morning that his little sister nominated him. She had told him a few months ago, but he never really thought about it until he got a call from Cosmo. After a moment of disbelief, he says, he thought it’d be fun to go along with it.

“When I found out kind of the nuts and bolts of it – there’s a couple trips to New York, you get to have some interesting experiences with the media,” he says. "I know that next week we’re going to go on the Today Show as a group. You know, between the trips to New York and just meeting some interesting people…I think overall it’s just going to leave me with a few…good stories to tell, really.”

OK, but does he think it’s going to help him find that special woman. Or women?

“I mean, I’m single, and if it helps me meet more interesting people, that’s great,” he says. “But I think the main thing is just kind of a…once-in-a-lifetime experience, really.”

And is he worried at all about the Douche Factor?

“I didn’t want my Cosmo profile to have anything negative about me... [to]undermine the confidence a patient might have in me,” he says. And so far, he’s made out pretty good.

You can e-mail these dudes and vote for them here.

-- Craig Malisow

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.