Live, from Chicago...

...it’s the Astros update. And all that I’ve got to say is that I’m damn glad that I was out of town and didn’t get to see the last two games of that series with the D-Backs. And it’s one thing to get swept in a three-game series, but these guys were swept in a four-game series. And that also makes for eight straight losses.

Thank God the Cincinnati Reds are coming into town. Maybe the Astros can get a win or two. Oh, and I know the Chron keeps reminding us that the Astros play in the mediocre division that is the NL Central, and it’s nice to know that the Milwaukee Brewers have been losing games, so that the Astros aren’t losing any games, but…

Have any of you noticed that the Astros are in fifth place? Yep, the ‘Stros, who were in second place last week, have been passed by the Cubs, the Cards, and the Pirates. It’s a good thing the Reds are around.

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Drayton might have given Garner a vote of confidence, but with Biggio being moved from the leadoff spot to sixth in the order, you’ve got to wonder, with Biggio’s history of getting managers fired, just how long Garner’s going to be around.

Oh, and speaking of Biggio, am I the only one who’s wondering if he’s going to get that 3,000th hit before the All-Star game?

But if it makes any of you feel better, the White Sox fans are pretty unhappy with their team, and the ChiSox are still in the middle of contention in the toughest division in baseball. What do you say, should we check about trading franchises? – John Royal

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