Lloyd Wayne Byrd: East Texan Arrested After Mooning SPCA During Raid

Lloyd Wayne Byrd had 27 dogs on his ramshackle property in rural Rains County. He says he kept the dogs for the express purpose of annoying his neighbors.

"That ain't fair to the dogs," neighbor Sam Ridenhour tells KLTV. "You know, to have something just to aggravate somebody else...That ain't what life's about." (Watch the video here.)

But aggravate his neighbors Byrd and his pooches certainly did. Their constant barking was one thing -- he's run up $3,000 in fines on that score. Another was the stench. Just a few weeks ago, Byrd was ticketed for burning their crap during the burn ban. Finally, the SPCA raided his property.

Byrd didn't take kindly to this dramatic intervention, and to show his displeasure, the grizzled 65-year-old dropped his faded Wranglers and bent over.

"He was mooning us, bending over patting his butt, telling us shoot this, get a shot of this and my neighbor did," Ridenhour told KLTV. (One of Ridenhour's neighbors filmed Byrd showing his ass.)

Ridenhour also said this was no isolated incident. He said Byrd mooned people who drove by and frequently cussed out his neighbors. "This is not the ideal neighborhood," he said.

The SPCA found the 27 dogs chained up -- some of them out of reach of food and water. They also said that Byrd was apparently feeding them turtles, at least in part. They've been taken to a shelter in suburban Dallas, and a custody hearing will be held on October 16.

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