Local Craftswoman Hits Jackpot: An Appearance On Martha Stewart's Show

Houstonian Claire Chauvin describes herself, on her blog poopscape.com, as "a craft-obsessed mother and photography teacher."

And if you're "craft-obsessed," then there are few better things than being invited to appear on The Martha Stewart Show. That little bit of heaven happens for Chauvin next week, when she will chat with the uber-deity of crafts and food and good things.

"For the past month I've been vacillating between having "I'm not worthy!" moments and times when I feel like at some point someone is going to blurt out that it's all been a set up and I'm not
actually on the show," Chauvin tells Hair Balls. "I'm just having a hard time believing it's really
happening and to make matters worse, I'm scheduled to be on during April Fools Day."

On the show, Chauvin will -- well, we want to get this right, so we'll just quote the publicist -- "join Martha to make papier mache tree stump containers."

We are familiar with papier mache from grade-school projects; we've heard of containers -- we've even been in The Container Store -- and have seen a tree stump or two in our time. Why the three should be combined is beyond us, but we're not part of Martha's demographic.

Chauvin says the show plans on making full use of the fact it's taping on April Fool's Day.

"I've been warned by Martha's staff that some pretty ridiculous stuff is going to happen on the show," she says. "Dare me to play a trick on Martha? I think I have a plan. You'll have to watch and see what happens!"

We think the founder of poopscape.com should play a trick involving Martha answering the door and discovering a slightly burning brown bag filled with....something.

Again, though, we realize we are not part of the demographic and leave such decisions to others.

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