Local Oil Spill 'Action Group' To Host Mock Funeral At City Hall

It took nearly three months to stop oil from the Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion from spewing into the Gulf of Mexico. By the time the well was "capped," it is estimated that over 4.9 million barrels of crude oil flowed into the ocean, killing marine life and destroying wildlife habitats. Not to mention, 11 human lives were lost when the rig exploded.

Members of Our Real Cost of Oil (ORCOO) are not only fed up with BP and its impact on the Gulf environment, but the reports that the company is also limiting media coverage of the disaster and its resulting clean-up.

The Houston-based action group will be hosting a mock funeral tomorrow afternoon (Thursday, Aug. 19 at 4 p.m.), beginning at City Hall. The event is called "Funeral for the Gulf."

ORCOO's website describes the event as "a memorial service for our once-pristine gulf waters, the poisoned animals, and all the lives impacted by BP's riminal negligence and their attempts to cover up the truth & limit their liability."

Media outlets have shown the oil-drenched pelicans, dead dolphins washing up on beaches and satellite images from space, showing the expanse of the spill, but there's also been incidents of BP officials limiting media access.

The event will begin at City Hall, with a procession through the streets of Downtown Houston. Members of the action group will be dressed in black and pallbearers will be carrying a fake casket. The route the procession takes is expected to pass by a few of the oil company buildings, according to Dr. Joseph Kaye, a member of ORCOO. By 5 p.m. the group will reconvene at City Hall, where a priest will then lead a memorial service. It is unknown who else will speak, though the mayor and representatives from the city have been invited.

It's uncertain what sort of turnout the event will garner; Kaye estimates between 75 and 100.

ORCOO came together in early June after a group of people who attended a candlelight vigil at Hermann Park banded together, with hopes of keeping the oil spill in the public consciousness.

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