Reports of our demise have been greatly exaggerated.
Reports of our demise have been greatly exaggerated.

Long Live the Houston Press, Be It Dead or Alive

The New York Times is all over our radar these days. Whether it's the Cleveland gang rape story, the former Chronicle employees' wedding announcement or the paper's new subscription service, the Old Gray Lady has been more relevant for the Houston area than usual lately. But, we didn't expect this.

In the GTT (short for Gone to Texas) section of the Times today, the Houston blurb (the section consists of notes from different cities written by Michael Hoinski of for The Texas Tribune, whew) covered the opening of a photo exhibit from the late Channel 13 news reporter Marvin Zindler at the Museum of Printing History.

Our Art Attack blog wrote about that exhibit back in February, so the news of the photos wasn't all that surprising to us. What did catch our eye was this line:

By night, Mr. Zindler lost the disguises and assumed his own relatively unknown alter ego -- a look deemed too ugly for television -- as a photographer for the now-defunct Houston Press, for which he chronicled the city's underbelly.

Last time we checked, we were still here, alive and well, thank you very much. No doubt reporter Michael Hoinski meant the Scripps-Howard publication that was purchased and shuttered by the Chronicle in the 1960s, but, hey, our obituary is in The New York Times, it must mean we've made it. If you can make it there and all that.

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