Longhorn Fan Almost Castrated by Sooner Fan. No Joke.

You may have heard by now about the UT fan who

was nearly castrated for wearing a Longhorns T-shirt

into a Sooners bar in Oklahoma City. The incident occurred back in June.

With a story such as this, it’s sometimes easy to scan the headline, wince for a moment and move on to less-grisly fare. But the details are important.

According to news reports, nothing but the sight of the T-shirt provoked the assault. Just a 32-year-old guy called Brian Thomas in an orange T-shirt who bellied up to a bar and was suddenly grabbed by the crotch and yanked to the floor by a 53-year-old idiot called Allen Beckett who would not let go.

More details: Beckett is a church deacon and federal auditor. Thomas, who used to live in Houston, required 60 stitches and has since returned to work as, of all things, a meat cutter. –Todd Spivak


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