Longhorns Once Again Distinguish Themselves Nationally. For Partying

The Princeton Review's newest edition of school rankings is out, and the state of Texas is well-represented. Whether some of the schools want to be represented so high in some of the lists is another matter.

UT once again makes the Top 10 Party Schools list, coming in at seven. (As in football, they're an afterthought Top 10 team, with Florida as the champion.)

How did they do it? By ranking 4th in "Lots of Hard Liquor," 12th in "Lots of Beer" and 15th in "Students Study the Least."

Rock on, dudes.

You will no doubt be shocked to learn that A&M is ranked Number One as "Most Conservative Students (lean right politically)."

Rice scored Number One in "Best Quality of Life" and eighth in "Happiest Students."

A total of 371 schools were ranked (UH was not among them), and 122,000 students were surveyed about life on their campus.

Other highlights: SMU is 15th in being homophobic ("Alternative Lifestyle Not an Alternative (low acceptance of gay community") and TCU is eighth for "Best Athletic Facilities"

TCU has better athletic facilities than UT? The Longhorns must have been too drunk to answer that part of the survey.

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