Longhorns Party On, Burying Their Sorrows

It's been difficult for the University of Texas to make the Top Ten in anything significant since Vince Young left, but they have finally accomplished it: They are a Top Ten party school, according to the

Princeton Review


It was a close-run thing, though: UT came in eighth, nudging out the Universtiy of California-Santa Barbara and Florida State University.

Just a few more bong hits in Cali, or one more Everclear kegger in Tallahassee, and UT could have been sucking wind.

Although we're sure Matthew McConnaughey's stats are still being included in the research.

In case you're wondering, the number-one party school in the nation is....wait for it....take another toke....pass out....puke....focus your eyes.....The University of Florida!!

Topping FSU once more!

The University of Houston, alas, didn't get within a sniff of the list. Damn commuters.

-- Richard Connelly

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