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Longhorns Retire Kevin Durant’s Number? Really?

I couldn’t help but notice that the University of Texas is retiring the jersey of

Kevin Durant

. Now I don’t know about you, but I always thought that somebody had to do something rather exceptional to have a jersey retired. And playing for a team for one year just doesn’t seem to qualify to me, especially if that one year doesn’t even result in a national title.

I understand Vince Young. He still split school early, but he stuck around for a couple of years and he did lead the team to a national title. And I can understand Earl Campbell. He only won the Heisman Trophy and went into the NFL Hall of Fame. You can’t deny Bobby Layne, who went on to be one of the NFL’s greats. But Durant wasn’t even the best player in the country for the one year he played in college.

And the only Longhorn basketball players with retired numbers are Slater Martin and T.J. Ford. Slater Martin, it should be pointed out, is one of basketball’s all-time greats. And while Ford will never go down with the greats, he’s had a good pro career – something which Durant cannot yet claim.

I don’t know. I just feel that a player should be really special, and do something really special, to have his/her number retired. And I don’t think Durant’s one year of college basketball is special enough. Then again, I suppose it could be worse. It’s not like the Longhorns have retired the number of a steroid cheat.

Oops. -- John Royal

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