Look Out Notre Dame: HBU To Challenge For Gridiron Supremacy Of Religious Schools

The college football world was (not exactly) shaken up today with Houston Baptist University's announcement that it is looking to field a team.

The Huskies play in a few sports, but the school says it is looking to play football "should an appropriate league opportunity present itself."

"Intercollegiate football will assist us in reaching our goals as we move HBU to the next level as a significant Christian university in a major city," HBU President Robert B. Sloan, Jr. said. "We feel that adding football to our existing lineup of varsity athletic programs is an integral component of the Ten Pillars vision for the future of the University."

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The Ten Pillars, the four Horsemen, the Seven Blocks of Granite -- it all makes sense.

HBU teams play in the Great West Conference, but is looking to find a new home that is more geographically convenient, says HBU's Justin Lacey.

The Great West includes teams from New Jersey to California, and from Texas to North Dakota.

"What we are saying is that we are ready to take this step [to add football], but it's contingent on getting in a more geographical conference," Lacey tells Hair Balls.

HBU atheltic director Steve Moniaci said adding football would help build the school's profile.

"Having won three conference championships in 2010-2011, we are pleased with the role athletics is playing in our efforts to raise the recognition and reputation of HBU," he said. "We know our students will be eager for the events and activities that the addition of football would bring to the campus, and we have also been encouraged by the enthusiasm for the sport expressed by our alumni and community friends."

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