Lord, Save Us From Amateur Chronicle Bloggers

We know the Houston Chronicle's philosophy is "Let no blogger go unblogged," but sometimes the results are just...out there.

Take "TexasSparkle." She's a very conservative amateur blogger who gets highlighted on the Chron's home page often.

Of course, Obama is the anti-Christ, a socialist-Marxist-fifth-columnist, or whatever the latest talking points from Rush and the GOP are saying.

But we had to pick up our jaw after one of the latest entries.

Sparkle went on a rant about how Obama apologized for America's behavior and dissed his own country while in Europe, which became the invented crise de jour on Fox this week.

Obama had the audacity (of hope!) to say America "may not always have the best answer."

This apparently outrageous opinion led to this, from TexasSparkle:

See? This is the difference between liberals and conservatives. This grand experiment, this country of ours, based on a govt by the people and for the people encased in liberty and freedom, is the "best answer." You may not believe that, but I do. I don't think it gets better than this country right here. We are free and we have liberties that millions have fought and died for and I think the idea of a country based on these freedoms is better than all the rest. If that makes me arrogant, then so be it. But I don't believe it's arrogance. It's the simple truth.

When a reader tried to point out she was badly mangling the two ideas of a) America might not always have the best idea about a specific issue, and b) America's system of government is great, the post wasn't allowed.

But then there was this, in response to another critic who said "Yes, I do see Mr. Obama as being a diplomat. To me, blustering, bullying, and insulting are the true signs of weakness."

TexasSparkle's reply:  "But the truth is that Bush was never blustering or bullying. He was in fact one of the most gracious Presidents we have ever had."

The mind reels.

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