Lord Save Us: Houston A Finalist For The 2012 GOP Convention

Hotline is reporting that the Republican National Committee has picked four finalists for the 2012 GOP convention, and Houston is one of them.

We have to assume that they mean Houston, Texas, so be prepared to face horror.

The other finalists are Salt Lake City, Tampa and Phoenix, according to party sources who talked to Hotline.

Their analysis:

All 4 cities GOPers will consider bring upsides. Tampa and Phoenix sit in swing states, while TX has an exploding Hispanic population -- a demographic GOPers are keen to attract after they appear to be slipping toward Dems.

We attended the 1992 GOP convention in the Astrodome, and we are still scarred. The fawning coverage, the avalanche of rich white people trying not to mingle with crazy-conservative white people, the stage set that looked like a Roman temple: The only good thing that came out of it was Molly Ivins' quip that Pat Buchanan's wack speech probably "sounded better in the original German."

So please, people, pray for Salt Lake City. Or Tampa. Or Phoenix. They all deserve this more than we do.

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