Lori Darling David: Can a Good-Looking Woman Hitting on a Teen Boy Be Sexually Offensive?

The salacious details of a great tabloid story are widely known, and always worth repeating: Lori Darling David, a 37-year-old mother from Katy, was arrested November 10 for sending nude pictures of herself to a 16-year-old boy -- a high-school classmate of her son's. She was charged with two counts of online solicitation of a minor, and faces a sentence of between two and 10 years in prison.

Now, as the alleged Texas sex offender mom awaits trial back in the comforts of her own home, surely entertaining book and movie offers, and considering whether to do that Penthouse spread, something interesting has happened.

The court of public opinion - otherwise known as the lynch mob - is locked in deliberations on the case. Photographs of the suspect, in accord with tabloid custom, have circled the globe, but this time without consolidating the crowd. It seems mainly women who declare Darling David "creepy" in comments beneath news accounts, and who call out, "yeah, lock her up!" And it seems mainly men who "still don't see why this is so bad," as Stu_Pickles wrote on sfgate.

"Other way around," he admits, "then it's definitely illegal." A middle-aged male exhibitionist is creepy beyond words. But a woman is at issue here - a blond woman, very well-built, who may be the hottest accused sex offender anyone has ever seen.

Could such a woman really be sexually offensive?

The feeling seems to go that if Lori Darling David wishes to display "her breasts and vagina in a lewd manner," as she is charged with doing, she should have that right. She should enjoy, since others would, her American freedom of expression.

"If the woman pictured above is indeed the 'milfy desperate housewife,' she should not be charged," wrote thelastword on sfgate. "The police have better things to do."

The matter, among a certain set of men, is hardly even worth debate. Thoughts online quickly turn to the victim. "Boys at 16 have raging hormones and love to see this stuff," Stu_Pickles explains at sfgate. "He won't be harmed emotionally by this at all."

Theodore37 at sfgate goes further: "Maybe the kid really liked looking at her 37 year-old boobies." Maybe it was a kind of growth experience for the boy. "Lucky guy," declares johnstuartmill at sfgate. "I never was that lucky!" laments Anonymous on the Press site.

As a Mark Jackson sees it, Darling David had been gracious enough to lay herself "out there on a platter. No games or drama. Just come and get it!!!" -- and if such a platter had been laid before him, "I would of been hitting that everyday." "Drill it till the oil is dry," seekingthegold seconds. "I mean seriously," agrees JD at the Press, "you gotta tear that up if you get the opportunity."

With reports circulating that it was the boy's mother who actually found the photo and called police, the possibility remains that Lori Darling David's victim really liked looking at her.

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