Lori Darling David: Probation for Katy Housewife Who Sent Lewd Pics to Teen

It was one of the more high-profile area sex crimes of 2010: Lori Darling David, a blond, well-built Katy housewife, was busted e-mailing the 16-year-old son of one of her jogging buddies two racy photos of herself. (In one, her breasts are exposed, in the other, she is kneeling on a bed showing both her breasts and her vagina.)

Oh yeah, her son attended the same school...We're sure the rest of the year was a cakewalk for him.

Since David is a reasonably attractive woman, accounts of the case went viral. Hair Balls even did a follow-up based on the predictable reactions of male commentators all over the Internet. Most said the kid screwed up in letting his parents find out about the pics. ("Drill it till the oil is dry," "You gotta tear that up if you get the opportunity," etc., etc.) And the other side chimed in that what David did was a crime, regardless of her attractiveness and gender.

Earlier today David pleaded guilty to one count of online solicitation of a minor. While she was looking at a potential two to ten years in prison, Judge Vanessa Velasquez instead sentenced her to five years probation.

There are a number of stipulations to that sentence.

David is to be listed as a sex offender for the next 15 years. She will not be allowed to use the Internet (except for work) until she completes her probation. She is not allowed to text anyone except family members, and she is not allowed around any children save members of her family. Judge Velasquez says that will remain the case until a psychiatrist tells her that David is rehabilitating.

The judge further told David that she could not attend any of her son's school functions save his graduation from Katy Taylor High School.

Court documents state that David met the boy while she was volunteering at the school. She then friended him on Facebook and the two started corresponding regularly, with the conversations getting progressively more sexual in nature. All of that hot talk culminated in her sending him the two pics.

Two weeks after sending the pics, she was arrested. Just how the naughty shots came to light is open to speculation: Some commenters who claim knowledge of the situation say the pics were forwarded, while others say the mom simply found them in her son's e-mail account.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.