Lose Your Rims Or Tires At Hobby? Blame These Guys, Maybe

Three dudes with cut-and-paste names have been arrested for a string of rim-and-tire thefts at Hobby Airport, HPD says.

Temirlan Kantay, 27, Nurbol Tangatov, 22, and Yerzhigit Zhanbolatu Serikbay, 19, were arrested earlier this month, although the HPD announcement just came out yesterday.

The hit high-end vehicles on at least four occasions, police say.

An HPD tactical unit set up surveillance at a Hobby garage on March 7 after the thefts, and developed information on the car the suspects might be using.

"Later that evening, officers observed the suspects and followed them on different floors of the parking garage," HPD said. "Each time, the suspects pulled up next to a high-end vehicle, got out with a tire tool, but were scared off by traffic in the garage."

HOD arrested them, and the three admitted their guilt, police say.

The three, whom Fox 26 says are Houston Communicty College students from Kazakhstan, are believed responsible for the following thefts:

Jan. 23 -- 2012 Cadillac CTS - stolen rims and tires Feb. 1 -- 2007 Lexus GS350 - stolen rims and tires Feb. 19 -- 2011 BMW M3 - stolen rims and tires March 1 -- 2011 BMW 535 - stolen rims and tires

Police recovered two sets of rims.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.