"Vote, er, don't vote for me."

Losers Win

Any poll that has you in last place can't be good for a politician. Unless, of course, that poll is taking place on Wonkette, and the subject is "Who is Running the Worst Campaign in America?"

The voters at Wonkette clearly think Texas Democratic gubernatorial candidate Chris Bell is not running the worst campaign in America. Florida's crazy politician-in-chief Katherine Harris is taking on all comers and currently leads the poll with 351 votes to Bell's measly 47. Bell's also behind Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum (known for being the inspiration for a sexual by-product ) and Georgia Rep. Cynthia McKinney (known for allegedly attacking a Capitol Hill police officer), along with a few other troubled politicians, all of whom are generally expected to lose their respective races. Bell seems to be suffering from a lack of name ID among Wonkette's readers, a situation he's pretty familiar with, even here in Texas. Dude, don't they know how tall he is?

According to Wonkette the reason Bell was included was because the latest Rasmussen poll had him running dead last in a four-way race. That put the Democratic nominee behind a dude name Kinky and one more or less tough Grandma.

How does Bell feel about the poll?

"We're not even running the worst campaign in this race," said campaign spokesman Jason Stanford (Stanford says that distinction belongs to Carole Keeton Strayhorn). To the contrary, he points to another Zogby poll that had the candidate at 20.8 percent of the vote; only 17 points behind Gov. Rick Perry, the Republican nominee, but still only 0.1 percent ahead of Kinky Friedman. Stanford says they never should have been included. "Given that the factual basis is deeply and pervasively erroneous I just don't care to comment," he said. Stanford said people should see for themselves over at Bell's site.

What do you think? The poll is still open, so you can head over and help Bell out — by voting for someone else. -- Ray Hafner

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