Lot Lizards Have Forced the County to Try to Shut Creepy Truck Stop

Hashim Ramiz Hasan and Desai Pratap are being taken to court because Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan says the Key Truck Stop has gone to the lot lizards for far too long.

The truck stop at 17124 Interstate 10 east in Channelview is being labeled a public nuisance because court papers say it's known for "habitually harboring criminal activity, including drug possession and delivery, robbery, aggravated assault, and prostitution."

"The defendants are aware of these crimes yet have done nothing to stop them. It will obviously take legal action for them to do the right thing for this community," Ryan said in a statement.

The county is looking to close the business for a year if Pratap, the property owner, and Hasan who runs Channelview Enterprises, Inc., the owner of the truck stop business don't clean up the place. The suit, filed Tuesday, seeks a temporary injunction and a bond of up to $10,000 to make sure the owners stick to the court order.

Truckers have been warning each other about this spot for years, posts on forum thetruckersreport.com show. Key Truck Stop has made several worst lists and as far back as 2008 is known for its over abundance of creepiness, even for truckers who've seen it all.

"[Y]ou have to stuff crappy toilet paper in the holes in the walls to keep from looking at a eye looking back at you," said Lakerat, a forum member from Purdon. "Crack heads and lot lizards own the parking lot, hell they even do business in the hallway between the store and reserant. Talk about craters and trash in the parking lot," he wrote.

Another member wrote in 2011, under a thread for horrible truck stops, "Can't believe the Key is still there. It was a dump 20 years ago."

Google reviews of the place don't stray from those observations. "Eeeewwwwww there r hookers in the restrooms," reads a month-old review. And two years ago, a Google user wrote: "Whatch out for thr ugly hookers a male husslers."

Well, maybe not for long.

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