Lou Dobbs, Henry Cejudo and Usain Bolt: More Notes on the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing

I’ll be honest. I thought Lou Dobbs was full of crap. I thought all of his anti-immigrant ranting was just the standard hot air bloviating used merely for the purposes of higher ratings. I didn’t really think he meant any of that crap. I thought he was just espousing this stuff to get those Minutemen morons to tune into his show.

But I’ve changed my mind. I’m now convinced that Lou means what he says to everybody. I believe this country is being overwhelmed by illegal aliens whose sole purpose is to take all of our jobs while taking over the country.

And I have proof.

Now many of you might find inspiration in the Olympics story of Henry Cejudo, the 21-year-old who yesterday one the gold medal for the United States in freestyle 55-kilogram wrestling, his very first world-level senior tournament. You might find this inspirational. But I see something odious.

His parents were illegals from Mexico who met in Los Angeles. Sure, Cejudo may be a citizen, but that’s only because of a technicality. He’s just as illegal as his parents, and the gold medal that he won should actually go to a true American patriot because I’m sure that just as his parents stole the jobs of full-blooded American patriots, he stole the spot of another full-blooded American patriot. But that’s not all, he cheated getting onto the team, you see. Just as his parents didn’t follow the path of the American patriots, he too failed to follow the path. Because, you see, most wrestlers go to college, then enter into the Olympic wrestling program from there. But not Cejudo, he went straight from high school into the Olympic wrestling program.

So sure, find your inspirational story in Cejudo’s escaping from poverty, and working and excelling in his chosen path to success. But I’m going the Lou Dobbs/Minutemen route because I too want to be a bitter overpaid bloviating blowhard who appeals to the lowest common denominator. Why should Bill O’Reilly and Lou Dobbs be the only ones who get to get rich off of misinforming a bunch of morons?

But until then, congratulations Mr. Cejudo. Well done.


Gold medal favorites Lolo Jones and Sanya Richards did everything possible yesterday to make those predictions come true. Everything that is, but win the gold medal. Jones was the favorite in the women’s 100-meter hurdles, and she was well on the way to winning the gold medal when she tripped on the ninth of the ten hurdles and found herself finishing in seventh place. The gold did go to an American however, as Dawn Harper made it over the hurdles faster than the other racers.

And Sanya Richards, who attended the University of Texas, led going into the stretch of the 400-meters, but was overrun and had to settle for the bronze.

Meanwhile, the fastest man in the world, Usain Bolt, easily qualified yesterday for the finals of the 200-meters to be run tonight. If Bolt, who claims the 200-meter is his best events, pulls off the victory, he will be first Olympian to win the 100- and 200-meters since 1984 when Houston’s Carl Lewis won the gold in both events in Los Angeles.

******************* Gymnastics has finally finished up with all of its competitions, and Shawn Johnson, the American high-schooler from Iowa who was favored to win the gold in the women’s all-around – and had to settle for the silver behind her teammate Nastia Liukin – won the gold in the individual balance beam competition. And Houston’s Jonathan Horton got the silver medal in the men’s individual high bar competition.

******************* For those tuning into NBC’s primetime coverage tonight, you’ll get to see live BMX cycling competition and the live women’s beach volleyball final, with Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh competing for the gold. You should also get to see Jamaica’s Usain Bolt going for the gold in the 200-meters, though that should be on tape delay, so if you try hard enough, I’m sure you can get the results beforehand. You should also get to see, on tape delay, the final of the women’s 400-meter hurdles. And there’s supposed to be some kind of live gymnastics gala, if you’re into that non-competition stuff. – John Royal

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