Lou Gehrig at 13 Years Old: His Grammar School Autograph for Sale in Texas

A Texas memorabilia dealer is offering for sale a schoolbook from 1917 signed by one "Henry Gehrig" to a fellow Manhattan grammar school student.

Who the hell cares about Hank Gehrig? Well, he eventually dropped the first name, went by his middle name "Lou" and became a New York Yankee legend and The Luckiest Man on the Face of the Earth.

Gehrig signed the equivalent of the school yearbook to classmate Percival Singerman.

Says Imperial Sports Auctions of the San Antonio suburb of Helotes:

The storied history and provenance for this lot is remarkable. It has remained in the family for nearly a century until now. The consignor of this lot is the son of the young boy who received Gehrig's signature along with several other classmates that January in 1917.

Ye Fort Washington Courier shows Gehrig did not make the honor roll, but he did have perfect attendance. Never missed a day, just a long string of consecutive appearances.

It's a record that stood at Fort Washington until young Henry Ripken moved from Baltimore, we're not told.

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