Louie Gohmert: "Anchor Baby" Congressman Whines To Texas College For Making Him Look Bad

Talking Points Memo has an update on its continuing coverage of East Texas Congressman Louie "Anchor Baby" Gohmert's involvement with the firing of a Stephen F. Austin employee, and it's a funny one.

Gohmert, TPM reports today via open-records requests, is highly annoyed that SFA is making him look bad.

Gohmert's office was offering to work with SFA's art-gallery director, Christian Cutler, on a show when Cutler saw the Gohmert anchor-baby meltdown linked above.

Cutler then told Gohmert's staff he didn't want to work with a "fear-monger" like the Congressman. Ballsy, impertinent, dumb, however you characterize the move, it didn't go over well with the staff or Gohmert.

The congressman fired off a letter to Cutler and copied SFA's president on it.

I apologize for my misunderstanding that your outstanding institution wished to be included in our efforts at providing students with exposure to different campuses around our east Texas district. We will not bother you in the future, even though I do hope to continue moving the host school from campus to campus in the years to come. May God Grant you peace that passes all understanding so that one day your bitterness and intolerance diminishes to the point that you are able to tolerate even someone like me.

Gohmert accusing someone of "bitterness and intolerance" is rich, to be sure.

SFA eventually fired Cutler, with officials implying there had been other problems with him.

TPM reported it, and Gohmert didn't appreciate the publicity:

"I did not ask for that guy to be fired, frankly I would have preferred he hadn't been for this very reason [that] I would be blamed even though yall said he was a problem and there were other issues," he wrote. "But doing what I didn't ask for in dismissing that the manipulative liar and then confusing to make ANY statement about what was done is hanging me out to dry for something I did not do."

TPM adds a "(sic)" to the e-mail. Click on the above links for the full story.

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