Louie Gohmert Continues to Embarrass Texas, Believes Nuclear Reduction and Border Security Somehow Related

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It wasn't long ago that Hair Balls took it upon themselves to compile the list of the five greatest idiocies Rep. Louie Gohmert has uttered. Inhabiting the worst tendencies of a Tea Party/Christianist, Gohmert has taken it upon himself to remind future students of history that the early 21st century was not kind to Texas, and that anti-intellectualism carried greater water than any form of inquisitive humility.

But after this week, it's clear that our earlier attempt to capture all the reprehensible and moronic things Gohmert's offered cannot be a one-off. You can't hope to stable all his idiotic views in but one post. It's got to become a series, a serial in which all the things Gohmert brings up -- all those views that make us realize how terrifically imbecilic the man makes the state seem -- are captured as they come. A continual update on the man who makes those in Lufkin, Nacogdoches, and Tyler look as backward as anything this side of George Wallace.

Fortunately, this was a good week for those on Gohmert watch. After all, the man knows how to use Twitter with the best of them:

"Is now really the time to reduce America's nuclear strength, when we can't even secure our borders?" I don't know, Louie -- is it? Should the 1,000-odd live warheads we still maintain -- the ones whose maintenance runs the federal budget $31 billion, and whose potential implementation would destroy all forms of higher life multiple times over -- see the stasis, or expansion, you'd prefer? Are you truly that perturbed that our nuclear draw-down has led to such geopolitical horrors as Iran electing a modern, moderate president; as Russia, despite sensible opposition to Eastern Europe's missile defense, acquiescing to continued nuclear devolution; as North Korea, belligerent with the best of them, continuing to seek high-level talks with both adjacent members?

And what in the hell does nuclear deterrence have to do with border security? Granted, per a new poll, Texans view immigration and border security as the largest issues surrounding the state. But, Louie -- are you implying that there is some viable, continued link between our nuclear deterrence capabilities ... and those who would risk deportation simply to feed their families? Are you suggesting we nuke the border? Do you have no idea where the issues separate, or are you having some form of aneuristic breakdown in which your talking points come spilling out over one another, with regard to neither logic nor relation? Anyway, before we get a chance to answer these questions, Louie's moved on to his latest fatuousness. ThinkProgress approached Gohmert earlier this week to pick the Congressman's brain on ending workplace discrimination against LGBT individuals, especially as carried within the proposed Employment Non-Discrimination Act. (Texas remains the largest of the 29 states in which you can be fired having a minority sexual orientation or gender identity.) The interaction was brief:

THINKPROGRESS: Where do you stand on the Employment Non-Discrimination Act?

GOHMERT: I'm not aware of exactly which one you're talking about.

THINKPROGRESS: It would protect LGBT workers from being fired due to their sexual orientation.

GOHMERT: Who wants to go talking about sexual orientation when they're working? Good grief.

Good grief, Louie. Who, naturally, would want to bring up sexual orientation while in their place of work? Who would want to stake, while working, that gay marriage was forcing United States toward the "dustbin of history"? Who would, while on the job, equate non-discriminatory enforcement with hiring "Satan-worshiper[s]" and "cross-dresser[s]"? Who would spend their employers' funds -- or the American taxpayers' -- discussing a theoretical situation in which a "17-year-old guy that's sexually attracted to other guys gets in a little tent with an 11-year-old new rookie Boy Scout and they spend the night together, night after night at camp? I mean, come on. I thought we were making progress."

Progress. Gohmert thinks we're making progress. And, well, shit -- maybe he's right. This country, after all, continues to march toward gay acceptance, toward LGBT equality. Toward the day in which ingrained, inborn orientations are no longer grounds for workplace termination, or for second-class relationships. Progress is coming. Progress is here.

But Gohmert's not taking part. He -- and all those in Lufkin, Nacogdoches, and Tyler who would vote for him -- keeps progress from finding its way to Texas. And we at Hair Balls get to make sure you're all aware when Gohmert turns our state into a national mockery, and how his words and actions and views keep Texas from joining the rest of the nation in the 21st century.

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