Love Street Lives!! Sorta, Maybe

We blogged this morning about the brief heyday of the Love Street Light Circus & Feelgood Machine, Houston's hippie haven back in the Sixties.

In response we heard from Trudi Smith, who tells us Love Street is coming back. Well, the building is, at any rate.

The Buffalo Bayou Partnership is planning to refurbish the three-story old warehouse and open it as the International Coffee Building, in honor of its initial tenants.

BBP's office will be on the second floor, a place to rent bikes and kayaks will be on the first. And on the third, the home of the psychedelic club?

Meeting space for rent.

What??? Will there be any memento of the halcyon days? A blacklight poster noting the spot? Patchouli air fresheners? An interminable drum solo on a permanent loop as background noise for business meetings?

Probably not, Smith says, but that does not mean the club will be entirely forgotten.

"We definitely discussed the significance of Love Street in this building, and we are working on how to tie-dye this in (ha ha)," she tells Hair Balls. "Thought of possibilities of having a Big 60's party for the grand opening of the building."

Keep hope alive, man.

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