"Yes, but will this new clinic have treats?"
"Yes, but will this new clinic have treats?"
Courtesy Emancipet

Low-Cost Vet Clinic Emancipet Set to Open Permanent Location Soon

Great news for pet owners and less-great news for dogs and cats who don't want to part with their parts: Emancipet, the low-cost spay-neuter and veterinary care service that's been operating from a fancy trailer in the East End, is getting its first Houston brick-and-mortar clinic.

The clinic, which will still be located in the East End (at 910 South Wayside), is slated to open by the end of September, according to a press release. It was made possible in part by Houston philanthropist Jan Duncan's $89,000 donation. (Duncan's gift was made through Houston PetSet, a nonprofit that gives money to "animal welfare-related nonprofits in the Greater Houston" area, according to its website. Which is pretty awesome.) 

Since its spring 2015 launch, Emancipet has served more than 9,000 pets, according to the press release. (The ASPCA had donated funds for the purchase and customization of the clinic's 48-foot trailer.)  

"Emancipet is not just helping animals, but it is also helping owners keep and care for their pets, and that's critical," Duncan stated in the release. 

Emancipet has already been doing great work in the fight against overpopulation — city officials say there are as many as 1.2 million stray dogs and cats in Houston — so we're happy that the clinic is able to officially hunker down and stay for a while. 

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