Lower-Income HISD School Gets Prestigious Program

A fourth HISD elementary school has been approved to offer the highly thought-of

International Baccalaureate

program, and it's not like any of the others.

Right now only three HISD elementaries offer the IB Primary Years program, and they're the kind of schools you would imagine would be associated with it: Roberts, River Oaks and Mark Twain.

Those schools are near River Oaks (obviously enough) and West U. The newest school to offer the program will be in the slightly tougher neighborhood near Aldine & Tidwell.

Northline Elementary received written confirmation last week that they've been certified to offer the IB program, which greatly increases kids' chances of getting into and succeeding in college.

It's the only HISD elementary to offer the program that isn't a vanguard or magnet school; in fact, 97 percent of Northline students qualify for the free-lunch program.

"The principal announced the great news to his staff at about 8:30 THIS MORNING," HISD spokesman Norm Uhl said, complete with upper-case letters. "As you may know, the IB program is an advanced academic program that focuses on problem solving and independent critical thinking skills which better prepares students for college and a lifetime of learning."

It's great news for Northline, and the people who go there. Let's hope it works out.

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.