Dan Patrick, embarrassing himself and the state that elected him one "thoughtful" tweet at a time.
Dan Patrick, embarrassing himself and the state that elected him one "thoughtful" tweet at a time.
Via Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick's Twitter

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Tries (and Fails) to "Improve" the NY Daily News San Bernardino Mass Shooting Headline

In the aftermath of the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, this week there have been lots of different reactions, but leave it to  Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick to turn a horrific shooting into an epic and hilarious fail on social media.

In the immediate wake of the shooting the New York Daily News did what it does best and came up with an ever-so-classy cover with screen grabs of tweets from Sen Ted Cruz, House Speaker Paul Ryan, Sen. Rand Paul and Sen. Lindsey Graham, all offering prayers. And then there was the headline: "God Isn't Fixing This." The story criticized GOP leaders for offering prayers instead of solutions. 

Now, some people would have let this thing alone. After all, it's the NY Daily News and this is the sort of thing that paper pulls on a regular basis (and in this case, for once the paper managed to make a point without being that offensive.)  Not Patrick, though.

Despite the fact that Patrick has already proved he probably shouldn't even have his own Twitter account (his "MARRIAGE= ONE MAN & ONE MAN" tweet still makes us laugh) he took to Twitter to express himself on Wednesday.

Patrick posted a tweet on Wednesday talking up "the power of prayer in dark times." There's nothing wrong with that statement. But Patrick paired it with a "re-imagined cover" of what he called Texas News. (Thankfully, this publication does not exist.) There were tweets from Cruz, Patrick, the Texas GOP and the Texas House Caucus offering prayers.  And the whole thing was topped off with this humdinger of a headline: "14 Dead in California Mass Shooting: God Hears Our Prayers."   

Maybe it's because Patrick just can't help himself, or maybe it's because the story hit at Cruz (Patrick has been an avowed supporter of Cruz's presidential campaign for months now), or maybe it's just because Patrick is actually a Saturday Night Live character gone rogue who can't resist trolling the entire internet, Patrick once again tried to make a point (or something) on Twitter. Unfortunately for him, Patrick's re-envisioned cover didn't exactly go over the way he intended.

The tweet went up and was immediately mocked (of course.) And then it was deleted. 

Patrick followed up with a series of tweets. In the first one, he wasn't so much angry as disappointed in the interwebs for taking what he said and mocking it:

Then he explained why he removed the tweet. Not, mind you, because it ended up being yet another humiliating social media gaffe on his part, but because he doesn't want people to misunderstand and/or "misinterpret" what he said:

So yeah, Patrick has done it again. San Bernardino is no laughing matter but leave it to Patrick to find a way to bring inadvertent comedy into things. Really, thank God for Patrick. Otherwise there'd be very little about this week that we could laugh at. 

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