Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst: The Guy to Call If You're Arrested

When you're arrested there's always a question of who to call, but if you happen to be related to Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, who to call is a no-brainer.

Dewhurst's stepsister's daughter-in-law was arrested in Allen for allegedly failing to pay for $57 worth of groceries. Now, for the normal person, this is a crappy situation that is also a Class B misdemeanor which will come with an up to $2,000 and 180 days in jail, max, if you're convicted. However, being related to the second-in-command of the state has to come with at least a few perks, right? Like, if you're arrested, you can have Dewhurst call the Allen Police Department to see if you can spend as little time in jail as possible.

Which could then lead to this moment on the phone, the beginning of about 12 minutes of uncomfortable-for-everyone-sounding conversation between Dewhurst, a dispatcher and then a sergeant at the station:

"This is David Dewhurst, the lieutenant governor of the state of Texas, and I want to talk to the senior officer who is there at your department, right now."

- "You want to speak to who?"

So Dewhurst made the call on behalf of his Ellen Bevers, reportedly a very nice school teacher, according to Dewhurst, who said he's known her for 30 years and called her "the sweetest woman in the world."

Dewhurst made the call on August 3, in an attempt to see if could help clear things up -- she paid for $42 of groceries at a Kroger grocery store, and the official line is that the other stuff was not paid for by accident -- according to NBC DFW.

The Dewhurst camp said that he made a point of telling Allen police he wasn't violating normal procedures -- he had to know that this call was totally going to be a thing before he ever dialed the number -- though he also states in the call that he's the "No. 1 pick of all the law enforcement agencies within Texas." (At which point some Dewhurst media person must have slapped hand to forehead, because there was nothing else to do.) Then Dewhurst added that he wanted the officer to do "whatever is the proper thing." (His media people then breathed a sigh of relief, most likely.)

So now there are accusations of Dewhurst abusing his power -- and it's hard to see how there's not at least a little flexing going on when the lieutenant governor makes that kind of call -- but it's also must be a tricky thing when family asks you to make a call for family.

If you do it, you'll likely look like a politician on a power trip in the press. If you don't do it, you're the ass who let your stepsister cry when you might have been able to help out with a phone call, and Thanksgiving is going to be so awkward.

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