Lufkin Love Quadrangle Ends In Tragedy: Three Dead, One In Custody After Trailer Park Bloodbath

Mixing jealousy and alcohol is a bad idea. So is confessing a recent threesome with your roommates to your gun-toting, volatile ex. Those are but two of the lessons you could draw from a weekend triple homicide in a trailer park on the pinewood fringes of rough and tumble Lufkin.

Raymond Wilson II, 45, was charged in the slayings of his ex-girlfriend -- 42-year-old Lisa Zumwalt -- and Sherry Wood, 47, and 65-year-old Douglas Wade, the couple with whom Zumwalt had been living. All three were shot in the head.

"They had had sex without him being there, is what the girlfriend told him on the telephone," Angelina County Sheriff Kent Henson told The Associated Press.

Wilson was arrested without incident at a relative's house after a short manhunt and taken to a hospital for treatment for injuries he had sustained in a fight totally unrelated to the triple homicide.

The suspect's niece Julie Wilson spoke freely to the Lufkin Daily News about the killings.

"I believe he shot them and I believe I was on the phone with him because of the way he was acting. I could hear hollering in the background. They were all drunk," Julie Wilson said.

Wilson told the Daily News that her uncle was a wonderful, compassionate man.

"The person he used to be is the world's greatest uncle," she said. "There's a lot of stories floating around out here that aren't true. The man sitting in the back of that car and three deceased people are the only ones who really know what happened."

Be that as it may, Wilson is currently being held in the Angelina County Jail on three counts of capital murder. Bond was set at $1 million.

We'll let Julie Wilson have the last word on the tragedy.

"There's nothing that nobody can say that take it back, that can bring the lives back, can't bring my uncle back," she told Lufkin's KLTV. "So what can be said? Another one bites the dust..."

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