Lynne Ellen Field: A Few Drinks and an Ex-Husband's Wedding Equals Arson Fun

Here's a lesson for you men out there: You don't want to get on the bad romantic side of Lynne Ellen Field of Waller.

Field, 48, got two years' probation today for her reaction -- after having a few drinks -- to learning the news that her ex-husband was in Galveston getting married, the Houston Chronicle reports.

Field, a first-grade teacher, did what any one of us would do if we were not thinking very clearly at all: She went to her ex-husband's Sugar Land house, tried to set a bedroom on fire, threw things around the backyard, and tried to break a window with a propane tank.

Field had entered a guilty plea and was sentenced today. She'll do 60 weekend days in jail, 250 hours of community service, attend weekly mental-health counseling and pay a $1,000 fine and $5,600 in restitution.

She has been on leave from her job teaching first-graders.

At the time of her arrest, the district sent a letter home to parents saying, ""Waller ISD employees are expected to serve as role models for our students and demonstrate exemplary behavior."

"Exemplary behavior" apparently does not include going apeshit when your ex-husband remarries.

The Chron says police reports in Sugar Land indicate Field told investigators she had had some drinks when she heard the news of the pending nuptials and decided to send a message, or work through frustration, or whatever it is she was doing.

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