Lyre, Lyre

Just got back from City Hall, where there was a VIP reception for New Tang Dynasty Television's Chinese New Year Spectacular. (You know, cuz nothing says "VIP" like being the interim editor of a blog with a marijuana-themed title.)

NTDTV is a worldwide satellite network that's the only option for folks in China who aren't down with the propaganda news that's put out by the government.

Besides the usual glad-handing and certificate-presenting by local politicos, the reception also offered a peek at what's to be expected at the upcoming Chinese New Year Spectacular (February 2 and 3, Cullen Performance Hall at the University of Houston). If the lightning-quick hands of Susan Liu on the Chinese lyre are any indication, it's gonna be quite a show. She's like Hendrix — you know, if Hendrix were a Chinese woman who played the lyre.

Houston Press photog Daniel Kramer got some snaps. We'll be posting them later. — Keith Plocek


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