Mack Brown's Print-Loving Fans Enter The Fray

We wrote a while back about UT football coach Mack Brown's diary of his trip to see the troops in Iraq and other places. We excerpted the rather significant time Brown seemed to spend complaining about conditions.

It went national, with Deadspin picking it up. There was the usual feedback from Longhorn fans, but many seemed to take it with the lack of seriousness it deserved.

But yesterday the print edition of the Press hit the streets, and the item got rejuvenated on the web somehow. And it appears the UT fans who prefer print are a bit more vociferous than their compadres.

Some comments added to the piece in just a few hours yesterday (With our analysis added in italics):

-- Rich, you should try something else because you suck at what you do now.  But I guess that was your point, say something so fuckin dumb in order to garner a response. Congrats you douche.

-- Fuck. You. (From "Kirk Bohls," with an Austin American-Statesman e-mail address and url added. Alas, the IP address was not from the Austin paper, so it wasn't the Statesman columnist weighing in so eloquently)

-- (From a commenter named "Richard Connelly's Mother"): I should have aborted you. (Hi, Mom!! Thought you were dead!!)

-- Back to your World of Dorkcraft raids and good luck on that virginity thing, this may be the year... (Some points for this one, for what passes for Longhorn cleverness...)

-- You are really going to criticize a man that goes to Iraq to boost the morale of troops? Fuck you bitch.

-- Dear Richard, Go Kill Yourself. Love, Society (Mom? Again?)

It's not like this stuff is that out there or anything; we've vbeen called worse. We just like the way it's cropped up so late in the game. We can't wait to see what happens when we send the piece out by telegraph or papyrus rolls.

By the way, Brown's last diary entry included: "It's a long day from Rota Air Force Base in Spain to Austin. I definitely learned that when you that travel overseas, jetlag is tough. I'm tired...Phone service is very difficult in so many of the remote areas....Some people asked me, with such a tough schedule already, why go on this trip?"

Hey, when you discover a niche, own it, baby.

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