Made in Texas: Bourbon Ain't Just from Kentucky Any More

In this week's cover story, Dallas Observer food critic Hanna Raskin goes inside the world of Texas distilleries to discover that good bourbon can be found in the Lone Star State too.

Once reserved for only a handful of bottlers, there has been an explosion of small, independent whiskey across the country, particularly in Texas. With laws changed to allow for "craft" distillers, homemade bourbon is becoming as commonplace as wine and beer.

When it comes to Texas, we like our alcohol and Raskin found that the natural ingredients found in Texas rival those of more traditional whiskey-producing states like Kentucky, where 95 percent of bourbon is bottled.

Texas doesn't have the monopoly on weather extremes, but it does possess a healthy corn crop, making the state one of the few places where distilleries can fashion a "local" product from homegrown corn and erratic weather.

Now, you can have your microbrew beer with a shot of micro-distilled whiskey. Can we get a "Hell yeah?"

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