Magazine Sales Crew Stabbin' its Way Through Dallas; Is Houston Next?

We just wanted to warn y'all of a magazine sales crew whose agents have allegedly stabbed and threatened residents of an upscale Dallas neighborhood, as these trolls tend to hit Houston whenever they're in Texas.

A resident told WFAA in Dallas that a sales agent stabbed him in the face last week (he got 11 stitches) when he declined what surely must've been a very reasonable offer. That sales agent got away, but another was arrested in the same neighborhood on the same week.

Tontanisha Reed, 27, was arrested after she told a would-be customer, "You better watch your back. I have friends and they will take care of you, I know where you live." Reed, who has a Tomball address, works for Georgia-based D&T Connection. She was charged with obstruction and retaliation.

Like many other D&T agents, Reed has an impressive record: in 2008, she was charged with obstruction and resisting arrest when she allegedly threatened a would-be customer in DeWitt, New York. Ten years earlier, she received deferred adjudication in Houston for assault, but her probation was revoked a year later when she was charged with theft and filing a false report. In 2003, she was again convicted in Houston, this time for prostitution. (Frankly, her 2011 charge in Atlanta for possession of marijuana looks downright boring when compared to the rest).

We left a message for D&T head Tekeba Swift-Carroll, who has a weird knack for hiring people you wouldn't necessarily want coming to your door. Criminal checks on current and past D&T sales agents turned up folks with charges and convictions of assault, kidnapping, theft, forgery, and cocaine possession, among others.

D&T Connection's website states that the company was "established for the purpose of teaching people who are highly motivated, but lacking resources and direction to achieve their goals." In a word, it's bullshit.

As we've reported time and again, this industry is a cesspool, and is a danger to both the agents and potential customers. For one thing, if D&T were serious, it would make sure its agents get peddling licenses whenever and wherever they're required; booking reports across the country show D&T agents arrested for peddling without a license. How can D&T pledge to want to want to teach young people "valuable life skills," per the website, when it sets them up for arrest?

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