Mahogany Mason-Kelly, Famous Last Tweets Part XXVI: Don't Taunt Cops About Your Warrants

Twitter giveth and Twitter taketh away. Especially when you're colossally stupid about it.

Lamar University student Mahogany Mason-Kelly, 20, learned that lesson when she tweeted the message to the right.

"I still gotta warrant in pearland..those pigs will NEVER catch me!!!...Never!!!" she tweeted.

(We immediately pictured "I'm Homer Simpson, the most powerful food critic in town, who will never get his comeuppance! You hear me? No comeuppance! [turns to the camera] We'll be right back.")

As reported in yourpearlandnews.com, Pearland police soon learned of the tweet even though Mason-Kelly didn't leave a hashtag, which we're sure she would have if she knew what the relevant one was.

Pearland contacted the Lamar University cops, who arrested her.

Some searches revealed she not only had the Pearland warrants but that she had given her sister's name when Houston cops stopped her last year.

Yeah, we're surprised @xoxo_mahogany didn't tweet about that at the time.

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