Mai's Is Burning, Badly

Photo by Craig Hlavaty
Mai's restaurant, the well-loved place on Milam near Alabama, is burning pretty badly.

Kelly Graml, an attorney who has an office across the street, tells Hair Balls: "It's totally burning down. There are five -- no, six -- fire trucks here, including one with a ladder, and about 50 firemen. Black smoke is just billowing from the roof. There are also ambulances here."

More eyewitness reports: "An air-conditioning unit fell out of building and landed at feet of firemen...Mai and her daughter are both on-scene. The daughter is said to be simultaneously bawling and taking pictures. The owner is just crying."

It seems to be intense: "You can definitely feel the heat even behind the safety cordon," the eyewitness says.

We've got people on the scene, so check back for photos and news. Twitter pictures are popping up on the net, too.

But it doesn't sound good, if you're a fan of Mai's. The restaurant, which opened in 1978, says it was the first Vietnamese restaurant in the city.

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Richard Connelly
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