Doesn't 288 look nice here? Try to imagine this lovely scene instead of the hellscape that awaits you over the next few weeks.EXPAND
Doesn't 288 look nice here? Try to imagine this lovely scene instead of the hellscape that awaits you over the next few weeks.
Photo by D.L. via Flickr

Get Ready for Some Crazy Closures on SH 288 and the South Loop

SH 288 (the South Freeway for those in the know) has been a bit of a mess lately. It's part of a fairly substantial redevelopment plan that will add capacity via toll lanes running from 59 all the way to the Harris County line. As per usual, it has left a trail of tears in its wake.

For the next few weekends, however, it is going to get worse thanks to major lane closures both on 288 and the South Loop where it intersects with the South Freeway. It's bad enough that 288, the primary thoroughfare to Gulf destinations like Surfside, will be shut down, but the South Loop is a damn busy highway thanks to its proximity to NRG Center, the Texas Medical Center and Hobby Airport.

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Nevertheless, you should be aware of these closures and prepare accordingly, starting this weekend:

Friday, August 17 at 9 p.m. – Saturday, August 18 at noon
Sunday August 19 at midnight – Monday, August 20 at 5 a.m.

All lanes of 288 between between Holly Hall and the South Loop in both directions and all lanes of the South Loop between Almeda and Scott Street will be completely closed during the times above. That includes all the connectors between 288 and 610 as well (as if that weren't readily apparent). We'd give you a list of detours, but our best advice is avoid the whole damn area!

If that weren't enough, those same lanes will be closed the following weekend beginning August 24 and again the weekend beginning September 7. They will spare everyone the Labor Day weekend, bless them. But, keep in mind that the weekends of August 24 and September 7, those lanes will be closed the entire weekend from 9 p.m. Friday to 5 a.m. Monday. That's all day both Saturday and Sunday. Fortunately, none of the dates coincides with a Texans game or there would be hell to pay.

Like we said, better to just stay away if you can or you'll wish you had.

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