Monica Fuentes for HouStoned Images Ltd., Unlmtd.
Picture it: "Hey janitors, since you aren't really doing anything, you think you can pick up that pile right behind me?" That's good stuff.

Make the Cut: We Have a Winner!

We've had to delay the awards ceremony (brief form letter e-mail) for You Make the Cut because of the Thanksgiving holidays. But the Cutline Committee is back, and happy to announce a winner:

Cory Null of Portland, OR.

Cory's winning cutline for Monica Fuentes's great shot of a police horse during a janitor protest:

"Hey janitors, since you aren't really doing anything, you think you can pick up that pile right behind me?"

Nicely done, pal.

Courtesy of Cory Null
Not only does Cory have cutline skillz, but he has amazing facial hair. We call that "hirability."

Remember, you can win free crap from us, too. All you have to do is think of a witty cutline for a photo we post, and if it's gold, you're golden. We'll post a new photo this week.

For his efforts, Cory will nab 50 free music downloads courtesy of HouStoned. (Being that he's in Portland, we figured the free swag gift basket would take to long too get to him.) But hey, what's a dude in Portland doing reading a Houston blog? (Not that we don't love the hits, mind you.)

Turns out Cory used to live here and enjoyed a swanky gig in the Med Center. Now he's in the Pacific Northwest, but "I obsessively check Houstoned, admiring the work of the cheeky editor and reminiscing about my lazy days in Houston," he says. (The check's in the mail, pal.) "Being in Portland makes it difficult for me to keep up-to-date on the happenings of my ex/future home of Houston, so Houstoned makes me feel like I'm back in town, wolfing down Tex-Mex, obsessing over all things Bayou City and thanking my lucky stars the hippies are in Austin."

Hell, we'll drink to that. So how did Cory come up with the cutline?

"The cutline was pretty easy," he says. "I tried to tie a horse to a janitor without a Tijuana donkey show reference (trying to keep it PG-13, like Harry and the Hendersons) and I figured that horses are notorious crappers and janitors notorious crap-cleaners - hence, the perfect marriage."

Man, why didn't I think of that?

So congrats, Cory. You got 50 free downloads to score all the Hall & Oates tunes your heart desires (not that there's anything wrong with that — I'm an Air Supply man, masself).

And a reminder to check back later this week, as we'll throw up a new pic for you to christen a snappy cutline with, if you got tha skills. The contest is open to everyone. Hey, who says there's no compensation in blogging? — Steven Devadanam

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