Making Texas Proud

What would you say if someone told you the Earth doesn't revolve around the sun or spin on its axis and that Copernicus was part of a Jewish conspiracy to undermine the Old Testament? We'd ask if we should wrap our heads in tinfoil to prevent the CIA from reading our thoughts too. Then we'd call that person crazy but others might call the guy by another name, like State Representative

Warren Chisum

. The Chairman of the Texas House Appropriations Committee, Chisum forwarded a


drafted by Georgia House Rep Ben Bridges to other legislators, urging them to fight for creation sciences to be taught in schools. Well, maybe he's just crazy or maybe he should look a little deeper into what he's forwarding to his buddies in the House because the evidence in question is hosted on the site


, which is dedicated to plenty more than creationism. —

Brett Koshkin

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