Dan Dalstra/The Brazosport Facts
Frankie Muniz: child star, speed demon.

Malcom in the Middle... of Angleton?

If you're heading down 288 South today for lunch or leisure, you might want to head over the MSR Houston Track in Angleton. If you've got a really keen eye, you'll spot Malcom in the Middle star Frankie Muniz speeding down the track at 115 miles per hour.

"He's testing an Atlantic car," says track PR rep Leslie Mitchell. Muniz, who just turned 21 three days ago, came to the MSR track last year to test cars for Formula BMW. Now the avid racer — who actually has only been racing since last year — has switched over to the Atlantic Racing Team. Muniz has been averaged about one minute, 20 seconds around the 2.4-mile track. "What he's doing is competitive with drivers who've been doing this a whole season or a longer," says Mitchell.

Dan Dalstra/The Brazosport Facts
So does Frankie have the skillz to handle a bigger car? Yes. No. Maybe. I don't know...can you repeat the question?

Mitchell adds that the TV star is "truly one of the nicest, most laid back guys ever. He's not at all pretentious. He's actually kind of shy. I was talking to him yesterday, and he reminded me of a little kid. He's very witty and very nice." He can't be too finicky — Mitchell says he's probably been staying "at a Best Western in Angleton."

Muniz will be racing until about 5 p.m. today. Today's test runs aren't exactly open to the public, but it's probably not illegal to stop by and gawk. If you're a huge Muniz fan (and who isn't, frankly?), don't despair: Mitchell says he'll be back in February for more testing. Let's hope he brings Dewey . — Steven Devadanam

Dan Dalstra/The Brazosport Facts
Muniz looks much cooler than he did as "Agent Cody Banks."
A big "thanks, yo" to Dan Dalstra at The Brazosport Facts for this tip and the killer pics.

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