Wages of Fear, East Texas style.
Wages of Fear, East Texas style.

Man Drags Huge Propane Tank Behind Bumper Down East Texas Highway

There's an old East Texas joke that goes something like this: A few years back, Chevy started installing black boxes in the cabs of their pickup trucks so they could learn something about how fatal crashes occurred.

In 49 American states, the last thing they heard from the drivers was "Oh shit." In Texas, it was "Hey Skeeter, hold my beer and watch this!"

We are not saying the unnamed East Texas man in this story was drunk or even drinking at the time he was pulled over on Highway 80 between Gladewater and Big Sandy, but that's about the only thing that would explain how he decided to do what he was doing...or maybe it was an attempt at a remake of that French cinema classic The Wages of Fear, as directed by Hank Hill.

He had driven into someone's yard, lashed a torpedo-sized residential propane tank he found there with a heavy chain to the rear bumper of his red pickup truck, and proceeded to drag it down the highway.

And yes, of course the tank was full of propane, according to a witness on the scene.

Police did not release the reason why the man took the tank, or the rationale, if any, behind his unusual mode of transporting same.

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